Garden Update 2-22-22

I had to walk through knee high snow to get this picture of the garden this afternoon. We are getting hit with lots of snow today. Apparently, Wisconsin experienced a big winter storm on 2-22-1922 as well. Today I received my first "plant catalog" from the famous Winter greenhouse in Winter, WI. I have yet to receive any seed catalogs this year. Not sure what that is about, I was hoping to have received them by now. When the seed catalogs come in the mail, you know spring is right around the corner.

A couple of weeks ago, I sprouted the seeds that I had saved from my garden this past fall. I was super excited to see that the tomato seeds sprouted. Last year was my first time planting tomato plants that I started from seed. And also my most fruitful season of tomatoes to date. Now I only sprouted the seeds on moist paper towels to see how well they would sprout. Here in zone 3 in northern Wisconsin, I won't be actually starting seeds indoors until the end of March. So I have about another month of jealousy from seeing everyone else online starting their seeds indoors.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, we should have a 113 day growing season this year, with the last frost expected on May 29th. I have always planted my garden after Memorial Day anyway, based on advice given by an old landlord I had many years ago.

This year, I am going to focus on getting the ground turned up well and spreading compost and ashes from our wood stove. I will be planting lots of tomatoes, pepper varieties and cabbage. Any vegetable that grows underground does not do well in our clay soil. Our neighbors have a veggie stand where I purchase these underground root vegetables. I'm hoping after a couple more years of working the soil, I'll be able to have plentiful root produce of my own.