January 2024 Garden Update: Transformation in Progress

As we reflect on the transition from fall to winter in our garden, the contrast from last year is striking. With mild temperatures prevailing this winter, we find ourselves afforded the opportunity to accomplish more tasks and witness the subtle transformations of the season.
Embracing Change: Removing the Fence
One of the most notable changes in our garden landscape is the removal of the fence. Crafted from hardwood trees for posts, the fence had weathered over time, making it ripe for removal. 
Preparing for Growth: Expansion and Soil Enrichment
With the assistance of our newly acquired tractor, purchased last summer, we undertook the task of turning over the land in preparation for the coming spring. We laid down hardwood wood chips, covered by a silage cover plastic tarp to kickstart the composting process and invigorate the soil with the activity of worms. Come spring, the till on our trusty tractor will be put to good use, as we plan 30-inch rows spaced at 18 inches apart, extending 40 feet in length.
Looking Forward: Plans and Seed Selection
As we look toward the future, our plans for expansion and growth take shape. More trees are slated for felling this winter to accommodate our garden's continued transformation. The planting plan is meticulously laid out, with seeds ordered from respected suppliers such as Baker Creek and, for our first time, Johnny's Selected Seeds
Join Us on Our Journey
As we experience the changing seasons, we'd love for you to come along with us on this journey of growth and renewal. Let's celebrate nature's resilience and the endless opportunities that each new season offers. Stay tuned for updates, insights, and discoveries as we nurture our garden and cultivate a deeper connection with the land.
Until next time, may your days be filled with the soothing whispers of nature's wisdom and the excitement of new beginnings.