September 2022 Garden Update

Our garden this year is proving to be quite fruitful. We have been able to pick some tomatoes, peppers, beans, celery and herbs so far.


I planted 3 varieties of cabbage - same as the past couple of years and also, with the same results. The Late Flat cabbage does extremely well, as you can see on the blog thumbnail for this article. The Red Acre and Copenhagen varieties grow, but then just seem to stop growing once the cabbage head should start forming. I'm not sure what is causing this, but I doubt I will plant these 2 types next year.

tomato trellis

I only had saved seeds from my heirloom tomatoes last year, so that is the only variety I am growing this year. Earlier this year, I gave an update regarding our tomato trellis. I am so happy to report that the thin nylon line is working excellent! We have some plants that must be 6 feet tall and are all filled with giant tomatoes. It was nice not having to spend any extra money on tomato cages and were able to rig up something with extra crap from around the house. What's great too, is this rebar is really in the ground, so we will be able to use it next year as well.

Buena Mulata Pepper Plant

The new pepper - Buena Mulata - is growing great in zone 3 and it lives up to its description of "a stunning hot pepper, extremely productive". It has some heat in the back of your throat, but does not linger. I loved my first taste of it! The plan is to create a hot sauce as well as dry some of these little heaters.

I'm getting everything ready for the big harvest here soon. I've been experimenting with recipes with leftover tomatoes from last year as well as with pickling fresh beans and drying herbs. I've very happy with all the plants being so successful as I started the majority from seed in our home this past winter! More recipes and updates to come soon! Thanks for reading!